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Peak Performance Coaching

Raising The Bar On Your Level Of Skill & Talent

Do you want to improve your level of skill and talent in a sport, creative or artistic performance?

Would improving your skills take you to the next level of competition and enjoyment?

Do you have a talent or skill which is still underdeveloped, that you would like to enhance?
Would you like to be less anxious and more relaxed when you practice and perform?

Are you ready to Raise the Bar on the caliber of your performance and become a Peak Performer?

Did You Answer "Yes" To One Or More Of These Questions?

If you said "YES" to even one of these questions, then you are probably ready for some Peak Performance Coaching. Regardless of the sport you play, or the form your artistic expression takes, I can help you Raise the Bar on your skills and talents, to take your performance to a completely new level of excellence!

A certain amount of creative tension is a natural part of playing or performing well, because it can help you stay focused and committed. However, many athletes and artists experience an undue amount of stress and performance anxiety, which may adversely affect their performances. If the tension is too high, it can even stop them from ever reaching their full potential. This is where Peak Performance Coaching can help.

What Is Peak Performance Coaching?

As you know, performing well is dependent upon natural skills and talents, and also the ability to be mentally clear and focused. I can give you a cutting-edge advantage in the mind game involved in being a success in your chosen athletic or artistic field.

We will work to strategically remove any blocks which may be getting in the way of increasing your skill level and improving and enhancing your performance so that you will Raise the Bar naturally.

Starting with an assessment your current skill level, and what you envision for your future, we will develop a personalized program to help you achieve your sport performance or creative performance goals quickly and easily.

I will teach you some innovative techniques which will lower your stress and performance anxiety, help you feel more relaxed and confident, and increase your energy and vitality - a winning recipe for success!!!


Songwriter Overcomes Fear
"I used to have terrible stagefright. Chris has helped me clear the fear, and have fun performing. I'm also more disciplined in writing, singing, and playing guitar everyday now." B.D. Singer/Songwriter

Dancer Overcomes Performance Anxiety

"Chris, I used to be afraid of trying certain dance movements before working with you. Now I am far more adventurous and creative. My body feels freer and more relaxed."   L.C. (Body Movement Therapist and Dancer)

Golfer Improves Game

"I didn't realize that every time I went out on the course, no matter who I was playing with, I was unconsciously trying to beat my father's score. I was always uncomfortable and played very poorly. Now that you have helped me shift my focus, my golf game has improved tremendously. Thanks for helping me release more energy for fun too." S.K., Golfer and Cinematographer

Tennis Pro Releases Fear of Opponent

"Even though his reputation preceded him, and had originally caused me to feel afraid, the techniques you showed me help lift the fear so that I could enjoy the match and give it my best shot." L.P. Tennis Pro

Get ready to Raise the Bar and take your sports, creative, or artistic performance to a completely new level of excellence!

If you are REALLY READY To Raise The Bar And Become A Peak Performer please E-mail me for your SAMPLE Peak Performance Coaching Session now. Tell me what level of excellence you are ready to attain...

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