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    “Where love is concerned, too much is not even enough.”

                                         - Pierre-Augustin de Beaumarchais

Your Broken Heart Will Never Heal...But It Can Mend!

Most people have experienced a broken heart at some point in their lives. I know that I have. Sometimes it’s an overwhelming feeling of sadness, grief, or even a deep sorrow, often related to a failed relationship, or a loss through the death of a loved one. Other times, there is a pervasive feeling that something is still missing in one’s life. In this case, the reason for being brokenhearted is usually out of consciousness. CHILDHOOD betrayals and disappointments can also leave one feeling broken hearted.

One of the problems in the healing process is that everyone expects you to get over your loss, and heal your heart in their time frame. A friend or family member may even suggest that you go out and find someone else to help you “get over” your heartache in a hurry.

The pain that you feel can be magnified and internalized as you are expected to miraculously heal your wounded heart. Our culture has no time for those who do not heal quickly, or at least give an outward impression that healing has occurred. This expectation is not only unnatural, it can be extremely unhealthy because it can prolong the grieving process. If that happens you will have few options. One of them is to live half a life, lacking in joy and peace, because you are heartbroken. The other is to medicate yourself out your feelings, because your heartbreak is inconvenient and uncomfortable for society.

How different would your life be if you understood the real source of your grief, sadness, and sorrow, and you could mend those feelings over time, in a conscious and respectful manner? Joy would return more quickly, as would peace. Life would feel more fulfilling again, or perhaps for the first time ever.

Believe me, I know what I am talking about because I was also brokenhearted, and as a result I became quite ill for a long period of time. The road to recovery, and the mending of my broken heart has been full of great challenges and hardships, which is why I created this Mending Broken Hearts Project.

I want to help you mend your broken heart, and get back on the path that is right for you; and I am here to tell you the truth. Your broken heart will NEVER heal...don’t expect it too...but it can mend sufficiently well for you to have a happy and fulfilling life.

Some of these questions can help bring broken-hearted feelings to consciousness:

  • Have you ever felt betrayed at any time of your life?
  • Is it hard for you to trust others?
  • Is it difficult for you to be open with your feelings?
  • Do you sometimes feel “invisible?”
  • Are you afraid that people won’t like you if you speak the truth?
  • Do you find it difficult to maintain healthy relationships?
  • Have you ever felt let down or disappointed by a parent when you were a child?
  • Do you get angry, depressed or irritable?
  • Are you just plain tired?
  • Were you abused, neglected or felt abandoned as a child?
  • Do you often feel guilty?
  • Have you ever had a painful breakup of a love relationship?
  • Are your boundaries crossed often; or do you cross other people's boundaries?
  • Have you lost someone dear to you, or a beloved pet, through death, and not dealt fully with your grief?

Strategic help is available for you in ways that you probably have not experienced before. I can coach and support you through the process, and teach you some innovative ways to Begin Mending Your Broken Heart.

If you're READY to release the pain and fear of a broken heart, diminish your heartache, and open your heart again, please E-mail me for your SAMPLE Mending Broken Hearts Coaching Session now. Tell me what you are READY TO LET GO OF...

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