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Are You Ready To Change Your Life with Life Coaching?

If you're ready to change your life, make a commitment to work with me, and turn your potential into lasting joy and success.

Here's what some of my Life Coaching clients have said about their work with me:

"You can have all the potential in the world, but potential doesn't get the song published. It doesn't get the bills paid, or the relationship on solid ground. Life Coaching has shown me that my life can be more than potential. It has made me aware of the details that turn potential into success, and all the while I'm having fun! " W.W.B.

"Chris you not only helped me in my business, but on a subtle level I sense a profound change in myself, a new way of thinking, a new perspective on life in general. I feel like I've taken a giant leap forward in my personal growth. I am deeply grateful!" E.G.

"Chris, you are extraordinary. Loved our call yesterday. You can access me with such precision, and then speak with such clarity and compassion to the essence of where I am at any given time." D.H.

"Chris, the difference between doing life coaching with you, and other coaches I've worked with, is that you truly help me build my character. This is so important to me." K.R.

"Chris, you are really gifted, and you truly are a gift. Thank you!" D.D.

"Challenging myself via life coaching is becoming very rewarding. You are truly empowering me beyond measure!" C.L.H.

Life Coaching Benefits
Are you ready to grow and become more successful in your professional life?
Do you need help with career direction or a career transition and want to know where you'd be happiest?
Would it be helpful to make some changes in your personal life?
Are you ready to receive and accept abundance?
Would you like to enhance your natural skills and talents and be who you really are?
Is spiritual joy important to you?
Would you like to laugh more?

Throughout this page, I use the term "Life Coaching" to describe a process in which all aspects of life can be discussed, and positive changes made as desired and necessary. So if you would like to create more balance in your professional, personal, and/or spiritual life, Life Coaching can help. I can assist you in more quickly creating a life in which you begin feeling greater satisfaction and happiness, and you become more joyful, peaceful, and successful.

In our Life Coaching relationship, we'll work together to help you reevaluate one or more areas of your life, so that you can really let go of all that doesn't work, and welcome what does.

You'll be making many incredible lifestyle changes as you cut away the layers of your non-authentic self, so that who you really are can emerge and be expressed freely.

This will result in many experiences which are energizing and uplifting for your body, mind, and spirit.

Once you make a commitment to being authentic, and begin the process, it's absolutely amazing what will come up for re-evaluation and restructuring in your life.

To encourage you, I'd like to share with you what two people whom I admire, believe:

Joseph Campbell said: "The truth is whatever works."

Michelangelo, when asked how he carved David, replied: "I simply cut away everything that was not David."

So I invite you to welcome and embrace the truth in your life, cut away everything that keeps you from being authentic, and start experiencing more joy and success.

I offer my services to help you do this in a gentle and creative way. Together, through Life Coaching, we'll create space for the expression and nurturing of your gifts, and the fulfillment of your dreams...

Life Coaching Supports You In Being Authentic

You may have been in therapy, and also experienced other types of self-development and career direction or career transition work. As a result, you've probably cleared some core issues, and life feels fairly satisfying; yet something seems to be missing.

Perhaps you are not yet living authentically in certain areas of your life. Accomplishing some of your goals and dreams may be challenging. I can help you re-define them, so that they are aligned with who you are now, or who you want to be.

I know that I am constantly reinventing myself as my spirit changes and grows.

You may be ready to make some lifestyle changes but you're not quite sure which path would be best for you. Perhaps you're on your way, but staying disciplined and authentic is difficult, as is maintaining balance on your journey.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Life Coaching Can Help You Create a Life
You've Only Dreamed Of Before!

The good news is that I can coach you in creating the life you've dreamed of having. In which areas of your life do you need Life Coaching?


Make a career transition.
Take your career in a new direction and follow your bliss.
Turn a challenging business situation around in record time
Start, update, or grow your business.
Improve communication and interpersonal skills.
Attract an intimate relationship with the right person.
Create more intimacy with someone special.
Reduce stress, and improve physical and emotional wellbeing .
Have more energy to do the things you love.
Increase your confidence and your self-esteem.
Create more time for leisure and pleasure.
Tap into, and express, or expand your creativity.
Strengthen your character, and feel good about yourself.
Be in harmony with your true, natural, and authentic self.
Attract and keep abundance flowing in all areas of your life.
Believe in yourself.

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, and you want to attain your goals and dreams quickly, then do some Life Coaching with me.

Having a Sense Of Humor Is Important

In our Life Coaching relationship, it's important that you and I resonate with each other. Having a sense of humor, and being able to lighten up and laugh, can become extremely important as we partner together to meet the challenges inherent in creating paradigm shifts for you, that will manifest positive changes in all areas of your life.

Changing All Your Relationships

Whether we are coaching on enhancing your professional life, or your personal life, we will be looking at the way you relate to everyone in your life, because all issues are indeed relational. You'll improve your ability and/or learn new ways to:

Communicate effectively
Strengthen your boundaries
Listen without reacting
Share your thoughts and ideas safely
Appropriately ask for what you need
Be in integrity
Stop blaming
Take responsibility
Experience truth by being authentic
Be tender and empathetic
Stay focused on the solution
Learn to forgive yourself and others
Develop and pay attention to your intuition
Be more joyful and peaceful

How Life Coaching Sessions Are Structured

We have regular Life Coaching sessions, plus e-mail communication as needed, so you'll have consistent support and encouragement even if you're away from home. In fact, geography is no barrier to our coaching relationship. You may live in another state, or even another country, but as long as you have access to a phone, we can begin coaching. (FREE CALLS ARE POSSIBLE VIA VOIP PROGRAMS SUCH AS Yahoo Voice Messenger, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, and Skype.)

Corporate formats may differ according to the coaching needs of the organization, and suitable programs are easily developed. Please contact me to discuss your corporate coaching requirements.

Coaching For Individuals, Couples, Business Partners,
Teams, & Groups

Many people prefer the focused attention they receive in an individual coaching relationship. They like being able to explore in detail their ideas or problems, and have ample time to process them with me on our calls, and perhaps in follow up e-mails. If you are ready to change, we can process, receive insights, and find practical solutions very quickly in our Individual Life Coaching sessions.

The same is true when I work with couples, business partners, or teams, who coach with me on specific issues they wish to resolve. Those relationships improve quickly as I guide the participants in learning how to communicate better, and how to honor each other as well as themselves. Everyone benefits from not only their own positive outcomes, but also by witnessing those of their partner's or associates' as they grow and change.

In Group Coaching, which is more economically viable for some people, you have the added benefit of other wise souls who may have walked your journey before you. Inevitably, they will have some beneficial insights to add to whatever I might be coaching you on. As you learn and grow together, and share your experiences, you also make new friends among your Group Coaching buddies.

Regardless of the Coaching format you choose, I can promise you that I will always be supportive, validating, and ready to gently push your envelope so that you can live authentically.

If you are REALLY ready to experience Authentic, Positive Changes in your Personal, Professional, or Spiritual Life, E-mail me for your SAMPLE Life Coaching Session now. Tell me what you aspects of your life you are READY TO CHANGE so that you can become OPEN to new opportunities!

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